How Do I Send SMS (Short Message Service) Messages through Address Book?

This topic explains how to send an SMS (Short Message Service) message to an Address Book contact:

Note - Recipients may be charged for an SMS by their mobile carrier each time you send a message.

  1. Click a contact in your Address Book. Next, click the phone number of that contact. Make sure that the recipient phone number can receive SMS messages.

    A drop-down box lists Convergence's offerings of click-to-call services.

  2. Click Send SMS Message.

    A window displays “SMS Message to <Contact> on <12234567890>” where <Contact> is the name of the recipient of your message and <12234567890> is the recipient's phone number.

    Alternatively, you can click New SMS (mobile phone) icon on the top left navigation panel to open an SMS window.

  3. On the SMS window, click drop-down menu of phone numbers to choose another phone number for the recipient. Or, select Use Another Number to enter a phone number not listed in Address Book.

  4. Enter your SMS message (which should be less than 160 characters) in the SMS window.

  5. Click Send.